I am a book artist who creates one of a kind artist books and sometimes small editions. I thrive on challenging the idea of what an artist book is by using unconventional elements in my books. My work explores themes of history, women, geography, time, mathematics, memory and the sciences. I am inspired by vintage items both strange and simple, including maps, diaries, tintypes, photographs, handwritten letters, odd medical devices, keepsakes and relics, found in various flea markets around the world. Each found object I use has its own story which informs the narratives I create. My artist books are often housed in vintage boxes or one of a kind containers. I love the idea of wondering “what’s inside” and the process of lifting the lid, or opening the box to explore the unknown. My artist books are often able to be manipulated. The reader can adjust the pages and various parts of the book to create a personal experience.