The CuRiOus Alphabet

CuriousAlphabet 4 Julie Shaw Lutts

The CuRiOus Alphabet was the FIRST Artist Book App! The CuRiOuS Alphabet is now available on all devices at 

“An intriguing romp through an unusual alphabet” – “One of a kind” – “Utterly delightful” – “Delightful Artist Book for the digital age” – “What a treasure” – “A joyous romp”.

The CuRiOuS Alphabet was created using various new and vintage found objects, cut paper and a  stop-motion animation app and an iPhone. You will find everything from Armadillos Ambling to Zippers Zipping. A ‘Behind the Scenes’ page shows the creation process.

Most recently The CuRiOuS Alphabet with be on display at The Bodleian Library at Oxford University.


Stop-motion–style animation sends assemblages of clip art and found objects dancing across old dictionary pages in this hyperkinetic ABC.

Small toys, antique bric-a-brac, Victorian-era illustrations, costume jewelry and like items skitter across each single-letter screen of fine print. “T” for instance, presents cut-paper Tigers leaping over Three spools of Thread, a pocket Timepiece winging past an old-fashioned Telephone and a steaming Teapot poised over a row of paper Triangles (some items are Turquoise). Everything jiggles, changes shape or color, or darts into and out of view, but tapping a “pause” button at any point freezes the hectic activity for closer or more sustained looking. Letters can be selected in any order from an A-to-Z list on the side, and a live link at the end leads to an index of objects and additional commentary on Lutts’ website. The frantic motion begs for a musical track or at least sound effects, but the app is silent.

Though it’s not specifically aimed at children, even very young viewers will have fun watching all the hurlyburly. (iPad alphabet book. 4-6, adult)